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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> it's going to be good. cooler than yesterday. high 80s inland. changes are on the way? >> i'll tell you what to expect coming up. gianna has traffic. >> the freeways are good. we are dealing with mass transit delays. ace train number one behind this morning. details on that coming right up. back to you. a man leaps out of his burning home in oaklandly. he is escaped with serious burns. his home is destroyed. investigators think it may all be a case of arson. our anser hassan is at the scene right now in oakley where we understand a battalion chief is standing by. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. yeah, fire and arson investigators are trying to figure out what happened this morning. a man jumped from his front window as his house exploded behind him. the fire broke out at 2 a.m. this morning on the 400 block -- or the 200 block of fourth street in oakland. we are joined by east contra costa county fire battalion chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you have had a busy morning. residents say they heard an
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explosion this morning. what may have contributed to that? >> we believe that the resident had a significant quantity of butane cylinders inside the structure. initial arriving engine companies were met with a high volume of fire. most fires start out slowly and build. bystanders on scene, off-duty police officer with the pittsburg police department stated that the fire exploded and that the man jumped out the front window. >> reporter: you have arson teams here. do the propane tanks contribute to that? >> we think so. >> reporter: it's not common? >> that is correct. the fire is suspicion and under investigation at this time. >> reporter: people are happy that you contained the fire to one house. how did you do that? >> even though our
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organization has sustained a dramatic reduction in revenue, the crews are still committed and still deliver a quality service to the public. a, delivering patient care, taking care of the patient first, the fire victim. and then preventing the spread of the fire to the surrounding occupants. >> reporter: there is also concern that the homes are close together and the power lines up above. how were you able to avoid that? >> reporter: through the hard work of the first arriving engine companies, we rely on with the assistance of contra costa county fire, the fire was two alarms so ten engine companies. it was a significant event. it took all the resources that were committed to the fire to prevent the fire from spreading. >> reporter: thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: again, one man a white male in his 40s suffered second- and third-degree burns all over his body flown to john muir medical center this morning. again this fire broke out after 2 a.m. this morning and right now
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arson crews and firefighters are still on scene trying to figure out just what happened. elizabeth? > anceer, i don't know, is the chief? we were wondering what those tanks were used for typically? >> reporter: well, that's a good question. he would not answer that on camera. i don't think he knows in this individual instance why that individual had those in his house so i think it's hard to answer that question right now but that will be part of the investigation that they will continue later today. >> thank you. anser hassan in oakley. a huge break in the bryan stow beating case. this morning, two new suspects are in jail in los angeles. anne makovec is in san francisco with what that can mean for the man police initially accused of the attack. we're talking about giovanni ramirez. right, anne? >> reporter: yeah. this new development is pretty stunning, grace. last we heard last night, police were bringing in witnesses to help identify these two new suspects. of course, bryan stow was beaten nearly to death back in
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march after a game between the giants and the dodgers down in l.a. then in may, police named giovanni ramirez their prime suspect. they seemed sure he was their man after his parole agent noticed tatoos similar to a suspect description on his neck. well, ramirez has been in jail for a parole violation but he was never officially charged. his lawyer said he knew all along ramirez was innocent. he was offering alibis, offering to participate in a line-up. >> i remember talking to him for the very first time and i was impressed with his sincerity and his demeanor. i asked him a few questions. he told me that he had been asking the detectives to give him a lie detector test right from the beginning. >> reporter: this case has attracted national attention. police have sifted through hundreds, even thousands of leads including this cell phone video showing stow in the park that day in what appears to be
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an argument with another fan. police aren't saying what led to the you in a rests. we are waiting for information -- the new arrests. we are waiting for information. they haven't said anything. giovanni ramirez hasn't been exonerated yet. the question is if he has been blamed for this for months now, he could end up suing the lapd? his lawyer says that won't happen. he says he think that this was all an honest mistake. bryan stow here in serious condition but he was able to open his eyes and blink at times. he was also able to apparently able to mouth his last name to doctors on command. so small stems of progress the family is hanging -- so small stems of progress the family is hanging on to. we'll have family reaction to the new arrests coming up in the next half hour. >> we'll also check with los angeles for developments down there. thank you for joining us this morning. a surprising twist in a deadly police shootout in the bayview. police now believe the suspect
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shot himself. officials say the wound that killed 19-year-old kenneth harding in san francisco on saturday was self-inflicted. they are not sure if it was suicide or an accident. but police use .40-caliber handguns and the bullet that killed harding was from a .380 handgun. the medical examiner says that bullet entered his neck and lodged in his head. police believe this youtube video shows harding's gun on the ground. they believe this man in the gray hooded sweatshirt took harding's gun. there is a $1,000 reward for harding's weapon. we want to check in with kristy. when you woke up this morning, going to be chilly starting off the weekend that way? >> it's not going to be chilly this afternoon. it will be sunny at least inland put we are seeing a little bit of cloud cover out there right now at least at the coast. seeing partly cloudy conditions inland and at the bay. by the afternoon warming up nicely. those temperatures you're looking at 63 for pacifica, 58
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concord, 58 napa, 59 livermore. by this afternoon, warming up to the low 90s inland. almost hitting 9for fairfield and concord. 71 as a high today in oakland. 56 fo san francisco. we'll have the extended forecast coming up. over to gianna first with a look at the roads. >> we have some ace train delays to report. train number 1 is about 9 minutes behind schedule so plan for that. ace train number 3 hasn't taken off yet. bart, muni, caltrain problem- free up to speed for those mass transit systems. if you are making your way across the bay bridge so far so good no snags metering lights off. nice ride across the upper deck. clear into san francisco. 101 looking well in central at the central freeway. patterson pass remains closed between midway to cross fire due to an earlier brush fire that's been contained but the voted closed until 8:00. back to you. >> thank you. police trying to silence their critics. the video just released of a
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deadly bart shooting. >> plus, more pressure to pass a budget deal. why the senate is poised to shoot down a plan today. as if the frustration wasn't bad enough, the massive bills taxpayers have to foot in the casey anthony trial. that's coming up. ,,
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involved shooting at one of its train stations. charles blair hill... a homeless man... bart has released security camera video. charles hill died after a confrontation with bart police in san francisco on july 3. that sparked protest by split chrisics. the bart police chief says the officer opened fire after hill wielded a knife and threatened police. >> the officer's mouth is moving giving a command to mr. hill to drop his knife. >> the chief highlighted a path of a knife thrown at the officer that hit the train and slid across the floor. the flash from the officer's gun can be seen around the same time. hill is not seen in the video. this morning, we are learning.
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yet another tragic accident at yosemite. the san rafael high school student has been killed in a crash. alayna denison a sophomore at marin academy died tuesday when the van she was riding in flipped over in the park. several others were also in the van. one was taken to the hospital. more than 600 people have joined a facebook group in dennison's memory. the notice documents show that a small segment of pipe near the portion that exploded in san bruno also withheld defects. another says short piece of pipe bonded together can break apart more easily and not just in san bruno. investigators have been concerned about pg&e's pipe welds since september's deadly blast. 6:12. so where did police go wrong in the bryan stow case? we are going to have live report from los angeles where two new arrests have been made. and nfl owners are ready to end the lockout.
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why all the pressure now is on the players. and we are clear for take- off here in san francisco. going to be a little cooler today than we were yesterday. highs going to be at 72. mostly sunny skies. now, certainly warmer as we make our way to chicago. hitting the 90s there today and different weather we are seeing some wet weather there, rain and also seeing thunderstorms. and if you are headed to new york today, quite a different story. not only is it humid but it's going to be quite hot there hitting 101 degrees. excessive heat warning in place. keep cool heading to new york today. we'll have a full look at the bay area forecast coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fidelity investments. turn here. ramirez, the man l-a-p-d swore was involved in bryan stow's beating ... turns out, he had back to our top story, that stunner from l.a. gianna the man lapd swore was involved in bryan stow's beating turns out he likely had nothing to do with it. kristine lazar reports. it's interesting they came out strongly and now they are quiet. >> reporter: all the police said he had a one line statement. the chief had no comment. but the attorneys are speaking out for giovanni ramirez. we are across the street from one of their offices. we talked to another attorney last night who said he was
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immediately convinced of ramirez's innocence and basically kept giving the lapd more and more evidence hoping to exonerate his client. we'll show now that side by side comparison of giovanni ramirez's mugshot. the case against ramirez is circumstantial based on eyewitness accounts. the investigators reportedly didn't have any forensic evidence but we understand they have forensic evidence for these two suspects. ramirez's attorney anthony brooklier says his client learned of the case's new arrests in jail where he is being held in san diego. he said his client was always strong about taking a polygraph. he provided a list of people who were his alibis including his younger daughter. he said he had never been to dodger stadium in his life and handed over his cell phone records. >> i went in with an open mind's think i always do. at least i try to.
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but i was impressed. you know, it's hard to put your finger on -- it's hard to articulate but he was very sincere. he seemed shocked by this. some of the things he said, you know, made me think, you know, i may have an innocent guy here. >> now, last night we caught up with our mayor. he defended the lapd saying investigators did not rush to judgment. he pointed out they followed thousands of leads and went where the case took them. and obviously the case has taken another turn. our chief our police chief, he said back in may when the arrests of ramirez was announced that he had, quote, the right guy. but ramirez's attorney he says he does not blame the lapd or the police chief. he says that his client is not planning any sort of lawsuit. he says that he believes that this is an honest mistake and he actually applauded the lapd last night for continuing this case to keep on investigating and not stop after ramirez was arrested. live in downtown l.a., i'm kristine lazar. back to you in san francisco.
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>> okay, thank you, kristine. well, beautiful weekend in store. temperatures cooler today than yesterday but clear for the most part at least in the inland spots. a lilt bit of cloud cover out there -- a little bit of cloud cover out there, sunrise, plenty of blue skies this afternoon. temperatures mild this morning. 50s and 60s. so partly cloudy inland and around the bay and low clouds and fog at the coast. inland spots by this afternoon, we should be in the clear, plenty of sunshine, temperatures hitting the low 90s around the bay temperatures mid-60s to low 70s. finally in the seasonal area, and at the coastline today seeing a mix of sun and clouds in the 60s there today. so this low bringing us a little bit cooler temperatures today but not for long. we are going to warm up slightly as this high pressure builds in over the next couple of days so not a whole lot of change in temperatures as we look at the next several days but still pretty outside today.
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81 the high in milpitas. 82 san jose. mountain view 78. san mateo 78. 89 walnut creek. almost making it to 90 in san ramon, danville and pleasant hill. we are breaking into low 90s brentwood and live. low 70s for san leandro, alameda and oakland. high 60s in piedmont today. 65 in the city. warm inland and warming up a few degrees as we make our way into the weekend. wednesday and thursday next week bumping up to the low 90s. so pretty typical weather for this time year over the next several days. gianna, how's the traffic looking? >> it is friday light. good news to report along 880 now as we go to live to mobile5 headed into milpitas. so far so good both directions. south into the south bay no problems. north heading into hayward and oakland everything cruising along. over to the maps we have report
6:21 am
of an accident on the bay bridge westbound not too far from treasure island. they moved it out of lanes quickly but activated the metering lights so we are seeing a slight backup at the toll plaza. again this accident was just before treasure island past the incline on the upper deck. but again everything now over to the right side of the road or off at the island actually as you look live here at the bay bridge. traffic is moving nicely into san francisco no delays on the lower deck. ace train number one about a nine-minute delay. bart, muni, caltrain on time. patterson pass road shut down midway to crossfire. they won't be open until 8:00. they burned about 200 acres. the fire is contained. fire crews are on scene. mopping up the mess. if you can that won't re-open until 8:00. altamont pass itself not too bad. friday light, 15 minutes westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. no there's as you hit the
6:22 am
dublin interchange. westbound 4 good, lots of green. up to speed out of antioch to concord and pittsburg, 680 good both directions to danville 24 clear into the maze. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:22. the end of "don't ask, don't tell." it's near. the historic move being taken today. >> and check, please. how much taxpayers are going to have to dish out for the casey anthony trial. it's all coming up. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we want to take you live out to chopper 5 for breaking news. a grassfire that actually started about 9:30 last night in livermore. you can see the fire has been contained. but again this is not too far -- just east of lawrence livermore lab. it 00 acres -- 200 acres were burned, first reported about 9:30 last night. patterson pass road is closed interest midway to cross fire. lanes closed until 8:00. fire crews still there dealing with the remnants of the blaze. so we'll keep you updated on this but avoid the area if you can. more traffic coming up. this morning, still no sign that democrats and republicans are close to a deal to raise the national debt limit. today the senate is expected to reject a tea party-backed house proposal. that is the one that calls for
6:26 am
a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. there is hope pro football training camp will start in a few days. the regular season could start on time. nfl owners voted yesterday in favor of a tentative agreement to end the four-month lockout. the players still have to sign off on the deal. well, taxpayers in florida are still paying for casey anthony's defense even after she has walked free from jail. her legal team has billed the state for nearly $150,000 in expenses. and that's only the beginning. it doesn't include the salaries for lawyers who successfully depended her against charges that she killed her daughter. instead, the bill covers the cost of other legal expenses such as bringing in expert witnesses. 6:26 now. coming up, how much privacy are you really getting online? why websites may still be tracking you even if you opt out. >> reporter: arson investigators are still on scene in oakley and why 100 of these butane tanks may be a
6:27 am
link to this morning's fire. a live report coming up. some surprising new details in the bryan stow beating case. it looks like two new suspects have been identified. we'll hear from bryan's family coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. welcome back.
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well, we are waiting for the opening bell. u.s. stock futures fell today as traders await a resolution to the impasse over the u.s. debt limit and why a mixed bag of corporate earnings reports, news of a second bailout for greece lifted overseas markets. recognize the guy who is ringing the bell? that would be actor jeremy piven. we are not sure who the woman is with him. he is in a show on hbo. quite the personality on that show. pretty cool stuff. i love to see celebrities and people -- >> usually you see big crowds. they are there all by themselves. >> good. friday, july 22. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. he is back on monday. we start off with a quick check of traffic and weather. kristy, do you watch entourage on hbo? >> not really. but i appreciate how cute he is. [ laughter ] >> i can tell you that much.
6:31 am
going to be beautiful weather in store today. pretty mild outside into the 50s and 60s right now. 59 for fairfield and livermore, 55 oakland, 57 redwood city and san jose. warming up this afternoon, similar to what we saw yesterday. i'll tell you exactly what to expect later on. over to gianna with a look at traffic. >> we go straight to chopper 5 right now in livermore. a brush fire has been contained but fire crews are still on scene and there are street closures to report. we'll have details on this coming up in a few minutes. 6:31 now. an oakley man could not save his house. but he managed to save his life by leaping out of his burning home. anser hassan explains what investigators found inside and why they think this could be a taste of arson. anser. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. fire investigators and arson crews are still on scene investigating a suspicious fire here in oakley. i spoke with the battalion chief. he said they found over 100 of thieves butane bottles, butane
6:32 am
canisters, inside. we know things like this are used in arts and crafts and without rushing to judgment, we also know this is involved in processing drugs. now, a man jumped out of the front window of this house just after 2 a.m. at 2900 block of fourth street in oakley. mike alvarez was the first man on scene. mr. alvarez, what did you see when the man jumped through the window? >> when i came out here, the man was laying on the grass behind me here on his back. he didn't have a stitch of clothes on. apparently, must have burned off because he said he was on fire up and kept yelling and screaming that he was on fire and i could see no fire but i could see that he was burned pretty bad. and my first impression was that it could have probably been a natural gas explosion, maybe a stove. and then my next concern was that hearing that the house was like catching on fire, that i should attend to him make sure to get him out there was. >> now, immediately after he jump out of the house, the
6:33 am
house did explode. there was explosions in the house and it caught fire quickly, right? >> reporter: no. actually, when larry was out here on the ground -- >> no, actually, when larry was out here on the ground, i saw smoke in the house and i didn't think it was that bad. a fire. then i heard some explosions inside. i thought it was a stove or natural gas. but my main concern was it make sure he was going to be safe. >> reporter: mr. alvarez, thank you, i appreciate it. >> all right >> the. >> suffered second- and third- degree burns all over his body. he was flown to john muir medical center this morning. we are learning that propane tanks and butane tanks canisters may have sparked the fire. fire crews and arson investigators are still on scene. we'll have more throughout the rest of the day. >> all right. anser hassan with developing news in oakley, thank you. this morning a huge break in the brian stow beating case from los angeles. two new suspects are behind
6:34 am
bars this morning. now the man they first arrested may get to clear his name. our anne makovec is in san francisco. she is following this story where stow remains in the hospital. >> reporter: we are at san francisco general. the positive news is that the latest from here in the hospital is that while he is still in serious condition, he has been able to blink his eyes and apparently mouth his last time in to doctors on command. but in the meantime the case -- his last name to doctors on command. but in the mean time the case continues to unfold. at last word the lapd was bringing in witnesses to help identify two new suspects. so let's review the case. bryan stow was beaten nearly to dismarch 31 after a game between the dodgers and giants in l.a. in may they named giovanni ramirez as the suspect after a parole agent noticed tatoos similar to a suspect description, on ramirez's neck. he has been in jail for a
6:35 am
parole violation ever since but never officially charged. now, when asked about the news that ramirez could be cleared and two others detained, stow's family was guarded. >> no matter what happens on that side it will never really help ryan. will it possibly help someone else down the line? absolutely. we're really focusing on bryan trying to make him be the best person that he can be after such an ugly tragedy. >> reporter: this case has attracted national attention. police have sifted through hundreds, even thousands of leads including the cell phone video showing stow in the park that day in what appears to be an argument with another fan. police are not saying much about these two new arrests. they are not saying what led to them or even if giovanni ramirez will indeed be cleared in this case. so we are waiting for a lot more information to come out today. >> okay. we'll continue to follow this one.
6:36 am
anne makovec live for us this morning, in san francisco. of course as anne said, stay with cbs 5 and for continuing coverage of the new arrests in the bryan stow case. a new development following a deadly police shootout in san francisco's bayview district. police now believe that the suspect fatally shot himself. officials say the wound which actually killed 19-year-old kenneth harding on saturday was self-inflicted. they are not sure if it was a suicide though or an accident. but police use .40-caliber handguns and the bullet that killed harding was from a .380 handgun. the medical examiner says that bullet entered his neck and lodged in his head. police believe this youtube video shows harding's gun on the ground and they believe the man in the gray hooded sweatshirt took harding's gun so they are now offering $1,000 reward for the weapon. time 16:36. let's check traffic and weather. -- time now is 6:36. let's check traffic and
6:37 am
weather. >> i have no rain or anything severe in the forecast. heat wave for the rest of the country but here in the bay area, another pleasant day, seeing a little bit of cloud cover out there on those bay shores like you can see from our roof cam but sun breaking through. seeing a little bit of fog at the coastline this morning. but this afternoon, warming up nicely and finally seeing temperatures that are actually average for this time of year. if we take a look at the comparison between temperatures as they usually are and temperatures that swearing today, you can see within a few degrees of where we should be. so it's going to be beautiful weather today and for your weekend. we have breaking news in regards to a brush fire reported last night at 9:30. 200 acres burned in this fire. fire crews have it contained as you can see. there are a few fire engines still on scene there for this. they are mopping up the mess. they will not re-open patterson pass until 8 a.m. so it is shut down between midway and cross fire. again, this is just east of
6:38 am
lawrence livermore lab. 200 acres were burned in this brush fire but everything is contained. now, not too far from there if you head to the maps the altamont pass is starting to see a bit of a delay. 17 minutes west 580 from the altamont pass to 680. we'll check the bay bridge coming up. right now back to you. >> thanks, ladies. bart has unveiled security camera video captured during an officer-involved shooting out of a san francisco train station. charles blair hill a homeless man died after the confrontation with bart police at the civic center station back on july 3. the incidents sparked protests by police critics. the bart police chief says the officer fired after hill wielded a knife and threatened police. rainey highlighted the path of what he says was a knife thrown at the officer. it struck the side of a bart train and then slid across the floor. oakland is being sued for the police shooting death of derrick jones. jones was killed by officers back in november after they responded to a call that he had attacked his girlfriend. police chased jones to an alley
6:39 am
near his barbershop. they say they shot him when he appeared to reach for a weapon. jones' family is suing the city and two officers for $10 million. in the meantime, oakland police have set up a new tip line for people who want to send them information about homicide cases. they can email oakland homicide at about 60 homicide have been reported in oakland this year and only 19 have been solved. online ad companies may be following your internet activity even if you think you have opted out. kcbs radio's matt bigler is on the phone with us now with more on this should in out of stanford. this is disturbing. >> reporter: yeah. stanford researchers looked at 65 online advertising companies, some small ones and bigger ones like google and yahoo. they found half continued to gather information about consumers even after the consumers said no thanks and
6:40 am
they opted out of online tracking. self regulations of the online marketing companies does not work. we talked to the executive director for the center for digital democracy in washington, d.c. this is what he had to say about the stanford study. >> this new stanford study pulls the curtain behind what privacy advocates have known for years, that online marketing companies are tracking us and even when consumers say stop, much of that tracking still goes on. >> reporter: one group claims that the study by a stanford grad student is flawed and consumers benefit by specific ads, you will see things you're more interested in on the internet. we spoke with jackie speier. she is proposing legislation calling for the federal trade commission, sort of a do not
6:41 am
track list similar to the "do not call" list for telemarketers. that's the latest from silicon valley. back to you guys. >> thank you. kcbs radio's matt bigler. a major warning from google. the virus that has affected millions of computers. plus this. >> it is too hot out here. >>very hot like a burn. >> dozens of people skilled as this scorching heat wave grips the country. how millions are finding relief. and we saw the opening bell. the market opened just about 11 minutes ago. a quick check of the numbers, down a little. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,
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chopper 5 is live over the scene in livermore. an earlier brush fire again is livermore near patterson pass, east of the lawrence livermore labs. it started at 9:30 last night. 200 acres burned. the fire is contained. no structures damaged. patterson pass is closed from midway to cross fire. they won't open that until 8:00 this morning. so do avoid the area if you can. there is still some activity from chopper 5 here so give yourself some extra time anywhere near the area.
6:45 am
but avoid it2. 00 acres were burned in this brush fire. 200 acres were burned. on the maps, traffic conditions along the bay bridge. metering lights on backed up at the caltrans parking lot. earlier accident near treasure island has been cleared out of the roadway. a little extra volume across the upper deck. there is a stalled big rig blocking lanes south 880 at 23rd. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain on time. we are going to jump outside to milpitas where mobile five is standing by at our hi-5 this morning. we like to call it a low-five since chopper is over livermore. family giving tree from milpitas is a great organization. they provide backpacks filled with school supplies to 20,000 bay area students at 10schools and human service agencies this year alone. their back-to-school drive is under way. they served more than 1 million children through the holiday wish and back-to-school drive during its 20 year history. a fantastic organization.
6:46 am
if you want to participate and help these kids start the school year off right with confidence and ready to learn, giving them a call or contact them at so thank you for getting up so early with us this morning. thank you mobile5 for the nice shot. back to you. >> thank you. they are a great organization. we had them on in years past, too. google is warning pc users about a virus that hijacks surfers. it has fake security programs. google is placing a yellow warning bar at the top of search results used by people believed to be targets of the virus. the warning links to advice on how to update computer security systems and ward off attacks. so far, more than 2 million computers have been affected. another tech giant is showing interest in buying a video streaming site. and here now is jason brooks with kcbs and >> good morning. >> reporter: many reports out
6:47 am
that apple is now joining in the looking in the interest in buying hulu. bloomberg says apple is looking at whether or not hulu would fit into its plan of delivering concepts to its devices. many people watching it already on ipads and iphones, yahoo already willing to pay upwards of 2 beds. you have companies like google, samson and microsoft also interested. the key for any of those companies is maintaining long term rights deals to current shows on hulu like the office, daily show and family guy. clothing makers and retailers have big decisions to make in the next few months. cotton prices have absolutely plummeted over the past few months down 38% this month alone after hitting an all-time high back in march of $2.15. that was more than double from several months ago. retailers have had to hike prices on clothing quite a bit in that time. now they have to decide whether to lower prices to help consumers or whether or not to
6:48 am
keep profits higher after several lean years. a couple of local companies reporting their earnings and they turned out to be better than expected. advance microdevices and sand disk are responding with shares this morning. right now amd is up almost 12%. sandisk is up 8%. the market is mixed. the dow is lower by 39. the nasdaq is gaining 5. the s&p right now is down by 3. grace and elizabeth? >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and have a good weekend. >> reporter: you, too. blistering temperatures are expected once again today in parts of the midwest and the northeast. >> already, that heat wave is blamed for more than 20 deaths. and as carla sues tells us the heat wave is affecting millions. >> reporter: soaring temperatures on the national mall. more than 30 states are baking under a heat advisory. a wave that's taken lives and put millions on high alert. but in the capital, some
6:49 am
tourists are taking it in stride. >> extremely hot but, you know, we can take it. >> reporter: antoine toller from north carolina hundreds of miles away but still under the same heat blanket. and looking questions? >> well, we have had triple digits figures in texas in houston. >> reporter: cooling centers became boston's oasis. ice sold faster than could melt in cleveland. and kids from columbus to the capital cooled off the old- fashioned way. people liketals a welder from texas didn't need advice on how to handle the heat. >> stay away from the dairy. stay away from the meat. at lunchtime, just a limited amount. fruit juice is okay. stay away from soda. it clogs you up. >> reporter: while many people know how to take care of themselves, the temperatures are taking a toll on animals. in iowa, the deaths of about 100 cattle were blamed on heat. what livestock and outdoor mammals need? >> plenty of access to plenty
6:50 am
of water and maybe water on them. >> reporter: the national weather service adds, shade and shelter to that and says no pets and nobody should be left in a car even with the windows down. the dangerof a sweltering summer. it's ironic such a celebrated season would carry threats. it's supposed to be fun in the sun at the pool. but with temperatures records being shattered in hundreds of places, it's a good idea for all of to us stay safe and stay cool. reporting from washington, i'm carl asues. >> lasting so long. >> that sweaty drippy heat i don't remember what that feels like? >> it's bad. let's check in on our own weather forecast. let's go to kristy. >> good morning to elizabeth and grace. i remember that sweaty drippy weather in north carolina. not missing it here in the bay area. beautiful shot outside here you can see some low clouds and fog. and fog coastline this morning but by this afternoon, we
6:51 am
should see plenty of sunshine. all right starting to see some blue out there. thank you, chopper 5, for this beautiful shot. so temperatures in the 50s and 60s mild. seeing low clouds at the bay and a little bit of fog. inland this afternoon though sunny, blue skies, temperatures in the low 90s. a little cooler than what we saw yesterday at the bay. temperatures mid-60s to low 70s. actually at seasonal numbers now. and a mix of sun and clouds at the coast today. now we are already seeing cooler temperatures by a few degrees in some of the inland locations and that's because this trough is a little deeper but we are going to see that high pressure build in and warm ups a few degrees over the next couple of days but on the whole, you are not going to see a huge change. similar conditions for this weekend. hot in other parts of northern california today. 98 today is the high in fresno, 95 in the capital. 92 for ukiah. a little bit of fog in eureka this morning only 63. 77 for lake tahoe. so very pleasant conditions there. in our inland spots today going to make it to the low 90s
6:52 am
flirting with 90s in concord and fairfield almost making it to 80 in vallejo, 82 the high in redwood city, 80 in san rafael and 65 for both the city and for pacifica. so slight drop in temperature compared to yesterday and then bumping the temperature up a bit for your weekend and then we are actual his going to see a slight cooldown coolest day next week should actually be high 80s and that's going to be tuesday. then bumping up a couple degrees for wednesday and thursday. back to you, ladies. >> weekend looks nice. the marine mammal center in sausalito marking a milestone. the animal rehab center rescued its 10,000th sea lion. veterinarians believe number 10,000 was sickened by trash in the ocean which happens all too often to sea life. he is under medication and eating well. the center is holding a contest to name this sea lion. suggestions submitted so far including flipper, milestone and lucky. you can enter on the marine
6:53 am
mammal center's website with a suggestion for the little guy. >> maybe you can actually check him out. have you been to the marine mammal center before? you can go over as a visitor and see them automatic. it's q my vote is for henry. >> like that. i have a good friend named-ry. very cute. we'll submit it. 6:53. no longer serving in secret. the major announcement today on "don't ask, don't tell." >> and a man leaps from a burning them to save his life. we'll have live update on the arson investigation out of oakley. with serious burns.. his home is [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot.
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they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. and sutter health -- i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. serious burns.. his home is ious fire welcome back. a man jumps out of his burning house in oaklandly. he escaped with serious burns in oakley. his home is destroyed and it's a suspicious fire according to officials there. anser hassan is live and originally officials said that this could be arson. but now they are saying no? >> that's right. they are calling it a suspicious fire. firefighters found over 10butane canisters like this one that accelerated this morning's fire. over 100 canisters were found. firefighters call this suspicious because it spread so fast. it broke out around 2 a.m. in the 200 block of fourth
6:57 am
street. a man who was on fire jumped from his front window as his house exploded behind him. he suffered second- and third- degree burns all over his body. now, early on fire crews evacuated residents as these homes are close together, and there are also power lines up above so protecting residents was an immediate concern. the family arrived just a few minutes ago. they are now going through the house. we are told that the house belongs to the victim's 95-year- old grandmother. she lived here for the past 65. years. he was taken to john muir medical where he is in critical condition. >> thank you, anser hassan in oakley. two new suspects are in jail for the attack on a giants fan outside of dodger stadium. lawyers for giovanni ramirez expect to be able to clear their client whom police earlier were convinced was the suspect. this morning, bryan stow's family says they are seeing new signs of progress in his recovery from the attack. today could be the beginning of the end for the
6:58 am
"don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military. pentagon officials are expected to announce today that the military's ban on open home sections always will be lifted in september. the reappeal was delayed so top officials and the president could be certain that the change would not adversely affect the military. 6:58. we want get another check of our weather. we are here but we are starting to head toward the weekend. >> it's already saturday. >> i'm with you as i think everyone probably is. it's going to be a gorgeous day today and beautiful weather over the weekend, as well. actually slight drop in temperature inland not significant. warming up nicely over the weekend. plenty of sunshine. and we are actually going to see cooler temperatures tuesday of next workweek only in the high 80s. so overall beautiful for the next several days and hot heading to sacramento this weekend for the california state fair. funnel cake one of my personal favorites but if you looking for something different, you have crickets and scorpions,
6:59 am
both fried, that are available at this year's fair. so gianna, what do you think? >> no. >> i thought by the end of the show i could convince you only if you do it too. >> all right! out to san francisco, we have a photographer in stockton near columbus. so far, so good friday light. bay bridge accident westbound at the metering lights. it is blocking the number 2 lane. they are working on pushing it to the right shoulder. you can see past that. traffic is clear across the upper deck into san francisco. a broken-down big rig, southbound 880 at 23rd, blocking the ramp. don't person to get to buckle up. that's a look at traffic. back to you. we were just talking about the royal wedding dress here. >> we dropped our final story here. we can't talk about our princess wedding fantasies. >> we are going to talk about it anyway. it's going on display at buckingham palace. check it out in on


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